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LoRa APRS on TTGO T-Beam – adding support for multiple beacon configurations

I’ve recently contributed to the open source LoRa APRS Tracker project by creating a pull request for adding support of switching APRS callsign / beacon message / symbol by holding the middle button on the TTGO T-Beam. The original idea came from my fellow clubmate and friend OM7AMA. He wanted to have an ability to switch between pedestrian and car, or when going portable...


Open-source remote COMPASS for your antenna rotator

Update 20.12.2023: As there was a lot of positive reactions of people looking forward for the new, upcoming version of the project, I’m looking for people with hardware / software / programming and mostly – 3D design skills for printing on 3D printer. I’m working on new version and need to beta-test and help making this project available to everyone as a ready-made product,...


Decoding APRS packets with RTL-SDR on Raspberry Pi

Let’s suppose that you don’t own a transceiver that decodes APRS packets directly. Or, you want to process the incoming APRS packets further from the command line. If this is your case, you can use your Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle to decode APRS packets. In this simple tutorial, you won’t even need a transceiver. Just connect the RTL-SDR to the Pi and attach...