Hey, it’s me, Peter “Tekk” OM7TEK!

I love programming, electronics, amateur radio, RF stuff and summer.

I live in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia – the hearth of Europe.

I am big electronics fan and software engineer. After finishing high school, I went to study Information Technology university in our neighborhood in Czech Republic. I finished with degree of Master of Science.

Diploma OM7TEK

You will find my resume/portfolio at https://tekk.eu

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Intro video

I had a CB radio when I was a kid, but then computers came in, and I sold it and started to do programming and stuff. I knew I want to do programming as my job when I will be an adult. And my dream soon became a reality.

I am member of HAM club “Integrac” wich is a slang for “Integrated Circuit” in Slovak. You can take a look at our’s club website www.integrac.sk, which I manage.

If you’re into programming and smart devices, you can take a look at my source code repositories on Github.

I’m interested in Hardware design & Software development. Please also see my Youtube channel. You’ll find some interesting videos, but some of those are in Slovak language.

My main rigs are Yaesu FT-991A and my antennas are Moonraker GP2500 all band 80-6m HF vertical, dual band VHF/UHF Nagoya BA-6200 “white stick”, 11el UHF yagi, 6el UHF yagi. I also own Yaesu FTM-100DE, Yaesu FT3DE and Radioddity GD-77.

I will try to send paper QSL if you wish. Please let me know on my e-mail.

Preffered QSL: Bureau + LOTW.